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Russian Women And Sex - Everything You Need To Know
Russian Women And Sex - Everything You Need To Know
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Russian Women And Sex - Everything You Need To Know

Latest update: 2020-08-18
Sex with russian women

Ever seen a Russian girl? They command attention. With the way they move, talk, and act you’d be forgiven for being smitten by them. They’ve got men lusting after them from every corner of the planet, so it’s no surprise you wanna get with them.

Russian women in bed

Russian girls are absolute bombshells. From blondes to brunettes and midnight black-haired beauties, they’re mesmerizingly gorgeous. Russian women are tall, long-limbed goddesses. Seeing one for yourself will convince you. Ever heard of Irina Shayk? She’s Russian supermodel, used to date Cristiano Ronaldo. Absolute doll, and that’s what Russian ladies are like, have no doubt.

How difficult is it to pick up a Russian girl?

Russian females are wild, but not for anyone they meet at the bar. You gotta build a rapport with them, ask the right questions. Buy a girl a drink at the bar and you’ll pique her interest, but you’ve got to act on it. Move in on her, take advantage of your American accent, and make her laugh and blush. Many Russian women like American men. Before you know it, she’ll be leading you back to her place.

What are Russian women like in bed?

When they find a man that turns them on, they turn to tigresses. These ladies are all about living in the moment, no regrets. This means passionate making out, heavy petting, biting, all the works. You’re not gonna find too many vanilla girls here. Most of them have some fetish, meaning you’ll have to broaden your horizons. Knowing a little about breathplay, roleplay, name-calling, and even bondage will make you memorable. They find it especially hot if you use the tools on you effectively. For example, when a guy uses the belt he’s wearing as a makeshift leash or handcuffs on his Russian girl. Isn’t this super hot?

What do Russian women like in bed?

One night stands are cool, but with a Russian girl, you want her coming back for more. Here’s what’s most important to them.


Russian girls love assertive guys. Use your words, hands, the rope. In the right manner and the right tones, all of this will make any girl putty in your arms and ready to do your bidding. Whisper gently to her ear what exactly you want her to do and how, pull her hair, choke her a little. She’ll beg for more.


There’s more to sex than just PiV. Doing your business and getting out might be fun for you, but she’ll make you famous among all her friends and not in a good way. Use your fingers, hands, and mouth on the lady, and you’re guaranteed to rock her world. Caresses on the neck, pulling her hair, gentle slaps, and bites, light massages, and going down on her are all priority. Ideally, look after her needs first. Once she’s satisfied, you could do anything you like and she’ll treat you like a God, riding that wave of pleasure.

Russian hottie

Russian girls are no trivial thing to pass up. As long as you know what she likes, you can have her coming back for more. With this article, you’ve got everything you need to know about how to please Russian ladies and enjoy time with them!

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