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Is Age Difference Acceptable for Mail-Order Brides?
Is Age Difference Acceptable for Mail-Order Brides?
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Is Age Difference Acceptable for Mail-Order Brides?

Latest update: 2019-02-18
Age difference and mail-order brides

Most people think that age is just a number, while others don’t believe in successful long-term relationships with a much younger woman. There is a little voice inside that is asking you, whether you will live a happy life together?

According to statistics, most singles prefer to enter into relationships with a partner close to their age. The average age difference rarely exceeds 3-5 years. However, sometimes there are couples with more than 10 or even 20 years between them.

Some people fear that large age gap will complicate the communication, and will create an insurmountable difference in lifestyle and interests. However, psychologists think otherwise: if you like your match, you satisfy and complete each other, then there are no reasons for looking at statistics.

Very often you can meet a 25-year old woman with a maturity level of 35-year old. It all depends on her experience, education, life goals and desire to grow. In any case, if you decided to start relationships with a hot pretty women, you should be ready for both positive and negative effects.

What is considered to be a norm in Slavic countries?

In the Eastern European countries, it is a common thing that ladies are usually 5-15 years younger than their husbands. Sociologists explain such age difference with the following:

  • There are fewer men than women, that’s why it becomes challenging for women to find a husband
  • Women usually get married in their 20s even before they begin a career path
  • Women from Russia and Ukraine feel comfortable with older men, as they give them a feeling of security and financial stability

What is considered to be a norm in South America?

As a rule, Latin Americans are family-oriented, devoted, and faithful women. No wonder that these countries have the lowest divorce level in the world. Latin American women think that the family is the most crucial part of their lives, as well as respect financial success and appearance of their potential husbands. That’s why, if you are attractive and have financial stability, then you can find a woman who is 10-15 years younger than you.

What is considered to be a norm in Asian countries?

In Asian countries, the age difference between spouses usually doesn’t exceed ten years. Moreover, in some countries, parent-arranged marriages are pretty standard. That’s why, when dating internationally, you should become familiar with the cultural specificities that may influence your future marriage.

The positive news is that age difference will not make any problems, and here is why.

Why age difference doesn’t matter

Women who are looking for men overseas tend to be more mature On average Slavic women are more mature than their Western counterparts. While 25-year-old American women only finish college, Russian women already have a job. This established way of life affects their romantic relationships as well.

Find common interests

If you feel that you don’t have shared interests, then find or even create them. You will see how easily you will break the ice and maintain fresh relationships.

Be honest with your plans

If you are over 40-years old, will you be ready to start over and have children? Be honest with your younger partner from the very beginning and be clear before starting official relationships.

Consider cultural difference

If you start dating an Asian woman, be ready for cultural and religious differences and the potential discomfort you can bring to your family members. Hopefully, you will be wise enough to focus on important things, which are your relationships.

The age is just a number

You will be dating the real person and not her age. The sooner you will forget about numbers and concentrate on her personality, the stronger your relationships will be.

Dani is a top online dating expert who has spent 10 years to help single men and women meet their soulmates. He knows how to build an irresistible dating profile, how to flirt, and even how to master the art of using mobile dating apps.

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