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Mail Order Bride vs. Online Dating Sites
Mail Order Bride vs. Online Dating Sites
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Mail Order Bride vs. Online Dating Sites

Latest update: 2022-06-14
mail order bride and online dating difference

If you regularly visit online dating websites you may have heard of so-called international marriage or mail order bride sites. Let’s have a look at what makes mail order bride better than online dating sites.

What is the difference between mail order bride and online dating websites?

A regular dating app isn't the same as a mail order bride website. Here are the main differences.

mail order bride vs online dating sites

Mail order brides are focused on serious relationships

If you’ve never heard of the term “mail-order bride”, let’s explain what it is and how it differs from online dating sites like Match.com, eHarmony, and others. First of all, mail-order bride is technically a foreign bride from Europe who creates her profile on particular site with the intention of finding a husband.

If you strive to find a future wife, it's better to use a mail order bride agency. It's used by women who hope for meeting a potential husband. They're ready for family life and don't want to waste their time just on flirting or casual relationships. Such services offer excellent marriage opportunities, while regular dating sites are crowded with girls who want to make new friends and have fun.

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These women usually prefer men from developed countries. Typical mail-order bride marriage usually happens between women from Slavic countries and men from the USA.

Mail-order bride is a perfect wife

As women from international dating agencies want to create families, they can become the perfect wives you could only dream about. Women from mail-order bride sites can be very dutiful and submissive. Moreover, they are usually focused on making their husbands happy and on strengthening the family.

Why do mail-order brides want to marry western men?

Most brides are looking for men from foreign countries because they are dreaming about the better life. That’s why to keep the relationships they will do their best to make their husbands satisfied.

Usually, online dating sites cannot provide a similar experience.

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A lot of men have faced difficulties with their previous relationships and could have lost faith in meeting someone compatible in future. That’s why to mail-order bride can help men to restore their confidence. Cultural differences can serve as a new approach to building a family and solve any relationships issues. Local women can hardly do the same.

Safe environment

Legit mail order brides sites have strong data protection measures and trusted payment methods. Customer support on the best platforms is available 24/7. By the way, these services are strictly regulated. Average dating apps usually don't offer such high-quality security.

Arrangement of romantic tours

Reputable marriage agencies offer special trips for single men striving to improve their love search:

  • Solo tours. You can go on a journey on your own and even pick foreign mail order brides whom you'd like to meet in real life.
  • Group tours. If you're not afraid of competition, choose a trip with other guys. Besides, the mail order bride cost will be cheaper in comparison with an individual journey.

Needless to say that regular dating sites don't organize journeys for people striving to meet a potential partner.

Higher prices

No doubt that you can't buy mail order brides but you'll have to pay for getting one of them:

  • Looking for love online.
  • Visiting your girlfriend.
  • Real meetings.
  • Fiancee visa.
  • Wedding.

In some cases, the total price is considerable, and you can find cheap mail order brides. You just need to research the services, monitor ticket discounts, pick less expensive accommodation in your girlfriend's country, etc. Remember that your purpose is to find a foreign wife but not just a girl for casual dating through a regular app.

Just check mail order bride prices to be prepared for possible expenses.

How can you meet a mail-order bride?

There are two typical ways of meeting a mail order bride. First one includes buying her contact information from an international dating agency. Men and women can find each other on mail order bride website and then after purchasing credits can communicate with each other and develop their relations.

The next step involves meeting in real life. In this case, the agency can arrange a romance tour for a certain fee. After buying a group tour, men can travel abroad and meet several beautiful women in the social event. In general, it is like meeting model-looking women in a relaxed atmosphere. Sounds like a dream.


Mail order brides can be a better way to find a soulmate or even a potential wife compared to a traditional online dating. In case of online dating, one can hardly have the same level of confidence. Sometimes people on dating sites just want to chat instead of dating whereas mail-order bride sites attract only people with serious intentions.

Dani is a top online dating expert who has spent 10 years to help single men and women meet their soulmates. He knows how to build an irresistible dating profile, how to flirt, and even how to master the art of using mobile dating apps.

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