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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy a mail-order bride online?

No, that is not at all how it works. Fortunately, we do not live in times of slavery anymore, and women cannot be purchased so easily. What you do is you pay the agency that gives you access to the profiles of some of the most beautiful and desired single women available at the time. In turn, you are allowed to communicate via a secure channel in a manner that satisfies both sides without any significant compromises. How fast you move from chatting online to meeting in real life is entirely up to the two of you, so make sure to show some effort and do not think that simply boasting and throwing all the money you have around will land you an amazing wife that will be ready to leave her life behind for you.

What is the difference between online dating and mail-order bride sites?

As the name suggests, mail-order bride sites are host to women that are ready for something more serious like a long-term commitment. These are women who know what they are there for and in most cases, know what they are looking for in a man. Dating sites are a whole different story. They attract people of all kinds, those that are looking for one night stands, some for friends with benefits, some even to make normal friends. Having to filter through all these extra profiles will be a huge waste of time. By going to mail-order bride sites, you eliminate a lot of the things that you will want to avoid automatically, like scammers, fake profiles, and women not looking for commitment.

Are mail order brides really interested in marriage?

Yes, that is the whole point of mail-order brides. They choose to send their profiles over to mail-order bride sites in order to find themselves a suitable foreign husband. Most eastern European women you will encounter on these sites are looking for a western man who is willing to take them on a journey back to his home and eventually offer her the ring. These are family-oriented women who are ready and willing to start relationships with a lucky stranger. You will find that eastern European women make for some of the best housewives there can possibly be, as long as you treat them the way they deserve to be treated. If that is the case, then you can count on living a happy life for the near and foreseeable future.

How much does it usually cost to find a mail order bride?

Depending on the site, you will be given various opportunities and services, all for different prices. You may spend $1000 courting a woman on one site, and up to $5000 on another. Keep in mind, that more does not necessarily mean better in any way. While you may want to a look at the site's design, decor, opportunities, and tools available as a way of judging the overall quality of the site and its services understand that in the long run, these are not guarantees of any kind. Sometimes you may pay additional money for no particular reason. This is sometimes the case when you find yourself choosing to pay extra for added benefits that come with different membership classes like the Premium, Gold or Platinum memberships. Put some effort into comparing some of the more expensive mail-order bride sites with, the cheaper ones, and see if the difference is worth the money.

What if a mail-order bride does not speak English?

By choosing to work with a specific mail-order bride agency or site, you automatically open yourself up to the option of having an interpreter doing the heavy duty lifting for you, or rather for her. Keep in mind, however, that nowadays nearly all eastern European women learn English as a second language, so you should not be experiencing this problem that often. Most mail-order bride sites have the women list their English language skill level on their profiles to avoid any future confusions.

Why Western men want to date Russian and Ukrainian women?

To start with some of the more stereotypical reasons - Russian and Ukrainian women simply look better the majority of the time. They love the process of dressing up and looking all neat and feminine. Another point is that these women have lower expectations. If you have a stable job and you are fun to be around, that is all that matters to them. Eastern European women are also a lot more family-oriented in comparison to their western counterparts. Since birth, most girls are trained in doing the house chores and know their way around the kitchen. Cleaning is also not an issue. There is a reason they make up for some of the best housewives out there. Lastly, some of the cultural differences you will experience with an Eastern European woman are bound to bring a spark into the relationship and makes things a lot more exciting for both sides.

Is it possible to find a beautiful Russian bride on free sites?

Yes, it is possible, but you will be playing a game of chance. If you are planning on finding yourself a companion, someone to spend your life with, you might as well give it the attention and credit that it is due and pay some money in order to do it properly. Though some free sites will offer you a lot of variety in your options and features, they still have lots of catching up to do in comparison to the paid sites. Free sites are littered with fake profiles that are there to gain your attention as well as scammers, who make a pretty buck on men trying to save some money. By going with paid services, you grant yourself the possibility to find considerably more real, authentic profiles as well as various platforms for effective communication and potentially, arrangements of real-life dates.

Where can I find Russian woman for marriage?

There comes a time in anyone’s life when they become too fed up with their loneliness and begin seeking a love connection, someone they can take care of and someone that will care for them. But things are not that simple. Sometimes things can go wrong in many different ways where one has to face the cruel reality of life. This can be especially daunting and depressing when you want to meet someone from a different culture, country. This is where the new trend with mail-order brides comes in. Whether it is Russia, Ukraine, or some Asian country that interests you, nowadays you can find yourself a companion from any part of the world. There are quite a few sites for finding yourself a beautiful and loving Russian woman, so take some time to learn about all of the options that are available to you and start pursuing.

If I want to meet an international bride, how I can protect myself from scammers?

Knowing how to identify potential scammers will save you not only a lot of time but money as well. Here are the essentials you need to know in order to protect yourself. Do not post any personal information which can lead to identity theft. If someone immediately asks for your financial information, phone number or home address, this should raise a red flag for you. Next, do not bother sending the woman you met online any money, no matter the situation. Often once someone falls prey to the scam, the beautiful woman on the other side of the conversation seemingly disappears. Lastly, if your woman of interest asks for you to sign up for some other more expensive site that requires credit information, do not bother.

Are mail order brides a scam or an opportunity to find love?

Legitimate mail-order bride sites exist for the sole reason of bringing two people together in unity and for the sake of love and marriage. Contrary to normal dating sites and apps, where you will find people of all kinds, searching either for one night stands or friends with benefits, mail-order bride sites narrow the list of people down to those that are looking for something long-term, something that can ignite the powerful feeling of love within them.

What if my pen pal is under 21? How can she get a visa?

As long as the bride in question is more than 16 years old, there should be no problem with the government. Anything under 16 will not be possible, even if you marry someone under 16 in a foreign country, you will have to wait until she is 16 until you are able to petition her for becoming your spouse. With tourist and student visas in place, the government may not let her in if she is already married to you as this can be seen as her intent to migrate. So the best thing you can do is not marry anyone until you get them a student or a tourist visa.

How to make a Romance tour?

One of the best things you can do for building a connection with a woman you are interested in is arranging for a romantic tour to take place. This is actually a much more legitimate option for meeting someone in real life in comparison to you buying her a ticket and inviting her over to your home country. Romance tours are arranged by the agency you communicate with, so you can count on them taking care of all of the trip details and arranging you a meeting in a foreign country that is as comfortable for the two of you as it can be. There is a myriad of advantages that come with romance tours. The agency's management team arranges everything in a way that lets the two of you visit exciting places and build increasingly closer ties while doing various activities.

Is it better to buy a romance tour or visit a mail-order bride by myself?

You will find that romance tours are better for getting to know one another in the initial stages of the relationship in 99% of the cases. It is important to remember that the woman's feeling of security is very important, if she is not relaxed, she cannot have a good time. Besides, visiting a foreign country and observing another culture is an awesome way of spending time with someone new and possibly falling in love with them. These tours usually include personal interpreters, hotels, personal transport, transfers to and from the airport, daily meals, internet, romantic evening and sightseeing tours. It would be unwise to pass on an offer like this, so if it is financially possible, give it a shot, you will won't be sorry.

How to date a Russian girl?

If you manage to land yourself a date with a Russian woman, you will never go wrong by being a gentleman and treating her as the lady that she is. So what does this involve? Open the doors for her, offer her your hand when she is getting out of the car. When walking on the street, make sure to offer her your arm to hold on to. When going out, obviously, pay for the meals and do not be a cheapskate. Make sure to occasionally surprise her with small gifts like flowers and chocolates, you can never go wrong here. While you are expected to take the lead, do not forget to ask for her opinions and offer her suggestions on where to go and what to do. Lastly, do not rush into the sex. Russian women are taught that the longer a guy is able to withhold his sexual desire, the more he values her.

Are Russian and Ukrainian women better than American?

There is no sense in making such claims, seeing how all women have a good side and a bad one to them, whether they are from one country or another. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, after all. However, points can be made that Russian and Ukrainian women make for some amazing wives, and as experience seems to show, many western men prefer eastern European women over other nationalities. Why is this so? Eastern European women have what a lot of western women seem to have lost these days, and something many men are still highly attracted to and are on the lookout for. What we are talking about is genuine and loving femininity, a nurturing soul. Eastern European women know how to take care of a man in his various emotional and physical states, and they do so in a way that facilitates love and harmony from inside the family. This is the simple reason why many western men prefer Russian and Ukrainian women over their American counterparts.

How to find a Russian woman for free?

Finding yourself a Russian woman for free is possible with all the free dating sites available, and it can be a good place to get an understanding of the game if you are a newcomer. There are obvious drawbacks to free sites though. With considerably less functionality in comparison to paid sites, you will have a harder time finding someone that shares common interests with you. In addition, the quality department is going to lack also. Since the site is free, it will attract people of all kinds, a lot of whom may not even be looking at starting a serious relationship. Many women are often just looking to have some fun and kill some time, and they successfully do so, as they have no lack of attention in these places. So if you are seeking something serious and meaningful, spend a dollar. After all, this is an important investment, and it is no time to be cheap.

What stereotypes about Russian women are true?

There are certain stereotypes that hold true to most of the Russian women you will meet in your life. Russian women almost always dress to impress. They are not afraid of being too flashy and may even dress up for simple walks in the park. Russians are also quite patriotic in their majority, so watch your tongue and try not to say anything dismissive and insulting about her country. The average Russian woman has features that almost all men will find attractive, and thanks to the low obesity rate among young women and strong gene pool, you will find that Russian women are some of the most beautiful and desired the world has to offer. Lastly, gender roles are still at large in mother Russia, so most of the women know their way around the house. They can cook, take care of children, do the house chores and more. Therefore you can count on them being very good housewives.

How to choose the best mail-order bride site?

One of the first things you want to decide on is what nationality you want your future wife to have. This narrows down the list of sites by a significant margin down to those that are more geographically suited to your needs. The next logical step is to start analyzing the suggested sites and comparing them one to another until you find one that suits you best. Here are some of the things you will want to pay attention to: the interface and the design, user and expert reviews on other websites, the quality of the profiles, the search process itself, and, of course, the ratings and scores that other sites give them.

Do mail-order bride sites guarantee that I find a wife?

Mail-order bride sites guarantee that you will have access to many beautiful and interesting women to communicate with and build upon your attraction towards each other. Whether you take it a few steps forward towards marriage or not is up to you and the woman you are interested in. By constantly investing time into a woman, that reciprocates and answers back, you are increasing your odds of marrying her by the day, but you cannot expect to have someone be head over heels in love with you and ready for marriage after only a few weeks of messaging back and forth. You may have met differently, but traditional dating values are still in play, especially with eastern European women.

Why do Russian women look for a husband overseas?

The first thing that may come to mind is that Russian women are simply looking for a rich western man with whom she will be able to stay at home and do nothing all day. This is an old stereotype that needs to be dissolved. What you need to understand is that many women in Russia simply have no options available for one particular reason. For every 100 women, there are 88 men in Russia. So 12% of women in a country of 144 million people will have no chance of finding a husband or getting married for that matter. Another important key factor is that Russian men are prone to abusing alcohol, which leads to them typically having and living with poor health conditions, which at times even leads to abusive behavior from their side. It is hard to change the demographics and culture of the place you live in, so what all these women are looking at, as an option, is to meet a handsome foreigner who is a gentleman at heart. Someone who will turn their world inside out and show them a new life, one worth living.

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