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There is no other application or website with so many active users, such diversified features, and such high-quality services.
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It was launched in 2009 and was the first application providing dating services for the LGBTQ+ community. The essence of Grindr is to allow gay people to find and communicate with other members of this community who are located nearby.

The application has over 27 million active users, which allows one to agree that it is an incredibly popular application. The application is free – it is not only the download that will cost you nothing, but registration and messaging are also free of charge. Of course, the application has a premium subscription, which will be discussed later.

Since this application was the first in its kind, it has gained huge popularity among gay people, which allows one to find the perfect date quickly and efficiently. The application is easy to use, the design and interface are intuitive and simple, and communication tools are detailed enough for you to learn as much information as you need. Grindr.com is the perfect way to find a partner who lives near you!

The good:
  1. One of the most popular online dating apps
  2. Affordable prices considering the high quality of services
  3. Application is free to download and create a profill
  4. Great tools to make your profile descriptive and informative
The bad:
  1. Notifications are a fee-based feature


Grindr sign up

Free and quick registration

Grindr review has shown that to create a profile in this application will cost you nothing and will take a few minutes of your life. The process of signing up is simple, quick, and efficient. The first thing you have to do is to download the application. It is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Market for free. To create an account, you have to enter your information or create a profile based on your Facebook account, which is even more convenient.

There is no verification on Grindr com – you do not have to verify your email, but your profile photo has to be verified. However, the process of verification is very quick, and your photo can be approved within the mere seconds.

Based on the Grindr.com review, this application requires your location to find other people nearby. Thus, you will have to indicate your location.

Make your account descriptive

Grindr com allows you to make your profile as informative as possible. We would advise you to include a lot of information about yourself in order to increase the chances of other people to become interested in your profile. There are many items that can be included such as education, preferences, hobbies, interests, religion, and many others.

An essential part of Grindr represents the sexual health section. Grindr.com is the only dating application that allows you to indicate your sexual health status. You may share your HIV status and last time you got tested. While this section can be hidden, it is a good thing that this application has this feature, allowing people to learn about their potential partners.

Making contact

Grindr communication

Communication on Grindr.com

Grindr review has allowed one to learn a lot about how to start a conversation with the help of this application. First of all, it is important to emphasize that messaging on Grindr com is free for all users. Sending and receiving messages will not cost you a cent, which is a perfect thing for people who want to test out the application.

Users on Grindr are incredibly active and friendly. It is a high chance that after you create your profile, you will be bombarded by messages from other users. Most of the time, a person will start a conversation by sending you a photo. Again, messaging is completely free – you do not have to pay to receive or send messages.


Grindr com also has a different way to communicate with its members, and it is called Taps. Basically, it is a way to indicate that you are interested in communicating with other members. You can send them three different emoticons – Hot, Looking, and Friendly. It is a perfect way to show other people that you are interested in him or her, and indicate whether you want to be friends, lovers, or interlocutors. Moreover, Grindr allows you to download a pack of different emoticons that can be used in Taps and Messaging, allowing you to personalise and diversify your communication!



As it has been mentioned above, Grindr.com allows you to make your profile very descriptive and informative. There are many fields that can be edited whenever you want, as well as a lot of them are not mandatory. Only one photo can be uploaded at a time, but you can easily change photos as many times as you want. However, all photos have to be approved first.

You can specify your ethnicity, relationship status, tribe, sexual position, identity, sexual health, and many other stats. Moreover, in your profile, you can specify what kind of partners you are looking for, which can make matchmaking simpler and more efficient.

Quantity of profiles

Based on the Grindr overview, the application is used by more than 27 million people around the world. There are people of different sexual preferences, tribes, identities, locations, relationships, and preferences. So, you can be sure that you will be provided with thousands of perfectly suitable partners. The only thing you will have to do is to choose from such a wide diversity of marvelous people and start communicating with them.

What our members say

“I have been a Grindr user for over 4 years. In 2015, I installed this application on my phone, and my life has changed dramatically. Over the last 4 years, I have met dozens of interesting people. The thing I like most about Grindr is the fact that I get notifications when a person matching me is near me. I can send him messages or emojis, and it does not mean that we have to hook up right away. I have found a lot of friends on Grindr, as well as a lot of lovers. At first, I used Grindr for free because it provided me with everything I needed. Now, I am a Premium user, and I pay less than $50 a year for such a great application. I would recommend checking out this app – you will definitely find a marvelous community with hundreds of interesting, handsome, and passionate people who will share your hobbies, preferences, and needs. It is free to download and you can message without paying – what else you may want?”

- Derek, 29

Grindr Cost and Prices

As you may already understand, Grindr provides numerous features for free. You can communicate with other members without paying a cent, which is the biggest advantage of this application. Here, you can check out other features that come free:

Free services
  • Download the application
  • Create and fill out your profile
  • View up to 100 people who were matched with you
  • Receive and send messages and photos
  • View other members’ profiles
  • Create and participate in group chats
Fee based services
  • Look only for people who are currently online
  • Unlimited friends requests and blocks
  • Notifications
  • Application without advertisement
  • Notifications when your message was read

So, if you want to check out Grindr, you can see that it is an application that allows newcomers to enjoy a lot of functionality.

Still, if you want to experience Grindr to the fullest,

Being one of the most popular dating applications online, it is difficult to say that Grindr has low prices. One may agree that considering the quality of services, the amount of people, and the functionality that is given to you as a premium member, the prices are adequate. You can choose among 4 different plans – 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months. Of course, purchasing a full year subscription is more beneficial – you can save up to 60%.

1 Month
$9.99 per month
3 Months
$6.99 per month
6 Months
$4.99 per month
12 Months
$3.99 per month

Therefore, the prices are quite affordable. If you do not want to pay for such services, Grindr allows you to enjoy most of the functionality for free, which is excellent!

Grindr Dating App

Lauren Welch
Lauren Welch
Relationship Columnist

One may agree with the fact that Grindr is a wonderful application that allows people from all over the world to meet and date. It is an application that has been designed specifically for LGBTQ+ people, and it is the first application with such a target audience. Because it was a pioneer on the market of LGBTQ+ online dating apps, it has gained worldwide popularity, and now more than 27 million people are using Grindr.

If you are looking for an application that can help you find great dates, Grindr is the perfect choice for you. It has a lot of free features as well as many unique options such as flirting through gaymojis communication. Grindr com is a relatively affordable application, considering that it is free to download, free to create a profile, and free to message with other users.

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Contact Information

Company: Grindr LLC
Address: 750 N. San Vicente Blvd, West Hollywood, California 90069, USA
Phone-Hotline: +1 415 8120244
E-Mail: help@grindr.com 

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