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So you are looking for a perfect lady, just like millions of other men all over the world. But where are you planning to find her? There are so many different sites that promise to find the ideal match. However, I would like to admit that choosing the right service is a subjective process. There are so many factors that can affect the results. Attraction, chances to find love, people from different countries and different hopes for their future relationships. Adding to that your gender, age, location and sexual orientation and the list can go on.

If you are one of the men who want to find someone special from Russia and Ukraine, then you are in the right place. Without waiting any further, let’s take a closer look at one of the most popular online dating service that can help you find the woman of your dreams - LoveSwans.

About LoveSwans

LoveSwans is a fast developing online dating website where men from around the world can find beautiful women from Russia and Ukraine. It successfully combines the latest trends in online dating and long-adopted practice of traditional marriage companies. Pursuing an aim to start a marriage agency, LoveSwans quickly developed into a large international online dating platform.

The company employs a wide range of professionals starting from tour managers and coordinators to highly qualified translators who assist in communications among the members. LoveSwans represents the online dating site where men from different countries can find charming Russian and Ukrainian women who are famous for their beauty and femininity.

Moreover, LoveSwans owns a lot of local dating clubs situated in different cities in Ukraine including Kiev, Uman, Symu, Vinnitsa, Cherkassy, Zaporozhye, Odessa, Nikolaev and Kherson and more. This is good news for those who want to meet ladies face-to-face. In addition to that, it is free to join this dating community and get access to numerous profiles of beautiful Russian women.

First Impression

The first thing you see on the homepage is a registration form. LoveSwans suggests filling out the form in order to create a profile for free. All you need to enter are your email, first and last names, as well as create a password. Alternatively, you can skip the form and sign up through Facebook.

Then, the site allows you to proceed with completing your account and searching for numerous profiles of young ladies. At this stage, you have to make your account attractive. The more personal details you include the more chances you have to get attention from women.

How LoveSwans Works

Online dating on LoveSwans can be divided into three basic stages: signup process, completing your profile and interacting with other members. The first two parts will take less time, but the most important part is to accurately answer the questionnaire in order to find the best match.

When it is time to communicate, you can either send someone an informal ‘wink’ or add personal information if you want to know the person better.

As a professional online agency, LoveSwans can provide a service of highly qualified translators who make the correspondence confidential in order to secure personal information of members.


You should note that with basic membership you can only create an account and browse for girls profiles. As soon as you find a girl you want to communicate with, you should upgrade your account and make a purchase. Before making a purchase you should know that LoveSwans works on a pay as you go system.

After registering your profile go to the ‘Credits’ page where you can choose the payment method that is most suitable for you. Here you can choose a number of credits that you need to start the conversation.

LoveSwans offers three types of membership: classic, prime and club. Each package is valid for 30 days, that’s why try to use all the benefits as you can use free letters only during these 30 days.

Prices and Fees

I have found the following credit packages available on site. It is important to note that LoveSwans offers a flexible saving system based on a number of credits you buy.

  • 20 credits $15 (for first-time buyers only)
  • 45 credits $30
  • 85 credits $50
  • 180 credits $99
  • 300 credits $149
  • 550 credits $250
  • 1250 credits $499

Depending on your membership level there are different prices for special features. If you have a Classic type you will need to pay 2 credits per minute for sending messages and video chatting; 6 credits for sending or reading a letter and 8 credits for sending or reading a video message.

It is unlikely that you stop at this point. Once you know a woman you may want to send her gifts. For example, sending a bouquet of flowers will cost you around $35.

Customer Service

LoveSwans has a large network of offices all over the world that allows simplifying the communication process between members. If a woman has problems with her English the agency provides translators who assist her with interacting with foreign man. Good news is that there is no need to worry about privacy issues. A translator signs a contract according to which he or she has no right to reveal the details about any communication between men and women.

If you want to show the lady your attention, they have a team that will take care of delivering flowers, chocolate, toys or any gift you want. There are are a lot of gifts available on a website, just go to the page “Gifts”.

If you decide to visit your beloved in Ukraine, managers will arrange the meeting and help you with all issues including transport and accommodation.

In case you need an additional help, you can go to the ‘Contact us’ section and ask for help. If you want to get more information about ladies, request contact details, or meet a girl in Ukraine, you can get connected with a tour manager who will assist with all additional questions.

Special Features and Search

Among the basic and additional features are phone chat, call reservation, SMS, video messages, requesting contact information and direct phone support. As mentioned above, if you want to surprise your girl, you can send her a gift or even arrange a meeting.

LoveSwans uses advanced search algorithms that can help you find a perfect fit. On the homepage, you can find a quick search. The advanced search gives you an opportunity to do the more precise search and narrow it down by entering the following parameters:

  • Age
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Country
  • City
  • Children
  • Smoking
  • English level
  • Education


There are a lot of positive feedbacks from the users who not only enjoyed the service but also managed to find great matches:

“I am from Poland, but my parents are Americans. At some point, I heard about this top notch site with European beauties. I was told 90 percent of the girls are good looking, and they were! And they are! I would rather spend my time on a good dating site than gamble it away in some stupid online casino. I consider it investing in my future.”

- Benny, 42

“I'm lonely for more than 10 years. And I lost all my hopes to find my love in this life. I thought that I will live alone to the end of my days. But no! There are such great people like creators of the dating site called! They helped me to feel that I'm still a handsome man who can be interesting for a woman! Thank you so much!”

- Ron, 51

“Dear men who want to find their women! I'm the man who was single about 6 years and who knows what is loneliness. You may go to and I'm sure that you would like this site. But more you would like those women who are there. They are single too like you and they dream about great love. If you want to love and be loved go there and try to build your relations!”

- John, 37


If you are sure that you’re looking for a serious relationship and you can afford to pay for online dating service, then LoveSwans is a right choice. It’s so far one of the most advanced and user-friendly online dating site. With its intuitive interface and various features, LoveSwans can help create great profiles and make the search process seamless. Unlike similar online dating sites, LoveSwans can offer options to meet the girls offline or arrange the romance tours with the assistance of their tour manager.

If you feel that you want to go further you can ask for the contact details of a woman you liked. I can recommend this dating service as it offers good service for a reasonable price and it is suitable for western men to help them find and date women from Russia and Ukraine.

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Comments (27)
posted 22Jan, 2018
Well, I have to admit that I had two attempts to find my soulmate on Loveswans. First, I dated a woman for nine months, but we just didn't see us together in future. It was a failed attempt that luckily didn't lead to marriage. Then I went back to this site. Met my wife there and now we have a beautiful 2-year old baby girl. We are a happy family.
posted 29Jan, 2018
I met a stunning, fit, intelligent lady who was smart and positive about our relationship. After meeting, we had a wonderful and unforgettable two years together. Again, LoveSwans has given me a chance to interact with wonderful women who all were true reflections of their profiles.
posted 12Feb, 2018
About two years ago I was in the process of getting divorced and I was not going to be into a relationship anytime soon. But little did I know, my close friend advised signing in to LoveSwans and I started to look at women’s profiles and even chatting with them. And here I am 2 years later with the best woman I could've asked for. Fairytale does happen if you give yourself a chance to let it happen!
posted 19Feb, 2018
I think such services are precious to a lot of people. It is so difficult to meet someone these days who shares the same interests as you. Love Swans helps to narrow it down and increase your chances to meet someone special.
posted 5Mar, 2018
Loveswans was easy to join and the cost kept the people who were not serious out. Great way to meet a lot of women
posted 12Mar, 2018
I am absolutely in love with my wife, who I met April 2016. After talking for two weeks we met, moved in about a month later and started a family shortly after. We are expecting our first child together and have been married for almost 1 year. I am so happy with LoveSwans
posted 26Mar, 2018
I have been using dating-platforms for a while, but none of them seemed to fulfill my needs. That was until I came across LoveSwans. It focuses on international relationships, mostly for men to meet women from Slavic countries. I must say that girls are astonishing here. And it is so comfortable and convenient to communicate with them. It is my number one service for online-dating now.
posted 16Apr, 2018
Even though I am an American, my parent came from Ukraine, and it was always my dream to marry “Ukrainian beauty.” It is real! LoveSwans was an inspiration to me as it hosts so many pretty women. It has useful searching tools that helped me find my love very quickly. Now I am in a relationship and halfway there to make my dream come true.
posted 3May, 2018
Unfortunately, a lot of Ukrainian and Russian dating websites appear to be scammers, so I was a little bit afraid to look for a girl from these countries because I didn’t want to be deceived. However, LoveSwans is nothing like most services. It cares about its reputation and offers only real accounts. I am really enjoying communication with a few ladies for now.
posted 21May, 2018
I really enjoy the fact that on Love Swans you can search girls based on their habits. I personally cannot stand ladies who smoke. How can you smoke people at all!? I cannot imagine kissing a person with unattractive odor. So thank you Love Swans for such an option in the search! I really appreciate it!
posted 28May, 2018
I prefer this one to Victoria Dates. On Victoria dates there are girls from almost all post-USSR countries, and I’m not actually interested in most of them. I’m curious about Russian and Ukrainian girls only as they are the most beautiful girls on earth!
posted 11Jun, 2018
Don’t you find it, guys, a little bit pricey? No, I’m not greedy, I’m ready to pay anything to find a woman of my dreams, especially from Eastern Europe, but come on. $15 for 20 credits, Love Swans, I didn’t expect it from you!
posted 25Jun, 2018
Someone here complained about high prices… Well, dude, go and look for other sites outside MOB, you’ll be shocked!!! The prices are even higher, and I can’t say the services are better! I was once on one site (don’t want to mention that crap here), so I had to pay $50 for 25 credits, and the results were 0! So just be humble and calculate your money for a real-time date, I bet you will have to spend more than $15 *giggling* Go Love Swans!
posted 9Jul, 2018
Cool site. I like it. It was a good idea to attach the site’s screenshots in the Love Swans review. When I registered, I saw the same thing, so good job, guys! At least, I don’t feel like I’m paying for something I don’t know.
posted 30Jul, 2018
Hey there! I’m dating my beautiful Christina from the Ukrainian city of Zaporozhe, and that’s thanks to LoveSwans. I always knew I would date a girl from a Slavic country, I, myself have Slavic roots. But I live a very hectic life, and I didn’t have enough time not only to visit Ukraine but even to call a local girl on a date. I started googling and found LoveSwans. It took me a few weeks to make a decision and register on it, but now I’m regretting I wasn’t more determined – I could have encountered my Chrystia a long time ago!
posted 13Aug, 2018
The credit system that LoveSwans has is just the best – I’m so happy I can see what I’m paying for. Wish other sites had the same one!
posted 27Aug, 2018
LoveSwans is definitely not the best site for dating girls from post-USSR countries… Just look at VictoriaDates – that’s the cool site. However, if you are a newbie in online dating I’d advise you to start from LoveSwans – it’s very easy for “green” users, though kind of boring for “professionals.”
posted 10Sep, 2018
Wow, I never knew people would say such warm things about LoveSwans! To me, it was just an average site with standard features. However, I would note one thing: it has an option of reserving calls which I think is just the best. Living in the U.S. and trying to contact a girl from Russia isn’t an easy task because of the different time zones where we live in. So, yeah, I’d rather suggest you register on it.
posted 1Oct, 2018
Not a fan of LoveSwans, but it is a good site, that’s all I can say.
posted 29Oct, 2018
My friend advised me to use LoveSwans as he says it’s the best platform for dating Slavic girls. And he was right. Here you will get everything you ever dreamt of.
posted 12Nov, 2018
It’s amazing and even unbelievable to some extent that such services as LoveSwans exist. Here you get matched with so many attractive women that it is even indescribable.
posted 26Nov, 2018
The best thing about LoveSwans is the communication part. You get so many fun features that fully uncover for you your partner. You can understand if you are suitable for each other or not from the first text.
posted 10Dec, 2018
It was always a problem for me to flirt, but then I came across LoveSwans and there I met Nastia, with whom we are dating for almost a year now. If this is not a miracle, I don’t know what it is then.
posted 8Jan, 2019
LoveSwans complete one important mission - they match perfect people, who could have never met due to different countries, time zones and etc. But nevertheless, you find love here.
posted 22Jan, 2019
What is worth your time online if not love? LoveSwans has it all to satisfy your needs and make you the happiest person on Earth.
posted 14Mar, 2019
LoveSwans is a paid portal. You need a premium account to interact with other users and also to go through the complete profile of the other users. There is literally nothing you can do with a free account which brings disappointment!
posted 8Apr, 2019
I chose LoveSwans because of the reviews first. And it was a good decision. LoveSwans is the platform that returns you back to life, no matter how picky you are.