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This website is not for individuals who are looking for short-term relationships, sexual hookups, or services similar to prostitution. MyTranssexualDate.com is a website that unites people around the world. And considering the number of active users, it has been doing it extremely well!

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There are a few websites with such a target audience, and MyTranssexualDate.com was one of the pioneers in transsexual dating. It was launched in 2013, and since then the website has gained a loyal base of customers.

Here, at MyTranssexualDate, you will find high-quality services, useful searching system, affordable prices, and a wide range of supported languages. The website is also strictly moderated regarding the above mentioned policy on what type of services this website offers. So, if you are looking for a one-night stand, this website is not for you. However, if you are a single man who is looking for a transsexual woman, or a transsexual woman who wants to meet a nice guy to have meaningful and long relationships, join the MyTranssexualDate!

The good:
  1. Wide range of filters
  2. Descriptive and informative profiles
  3. Flexible range of prices
  4. Huge amount of active users
The bad:
  1. Free users cannot send and receive messages


MyTranssexualDate sign up

MyTranssexualDate.com has a simple system of registration. You enter your information that includes your nickname, password, email, location, gender, and age. Then, you have to receive an email with a confirmation token. After that – your profile is completed. Registration is free and will take about a couple of minutes of your time so you can be sure that it is an incredibly simple process.

Do not forget to activate your profile after entering all the information because, without the confirmation, your account will not be activated. One of the most beneficial things about MyTranssexualDate.com is the fact that it is integrated with Facebook. You can create a profile based on your Facebook account. However, do not worry if you do not want other people to know about your actions. MyTranssexualDate has a sophisticated and well-designed privacy policy. Your information will not be publically available, and your Facebook account will not be connected with MyTranssexualDate!



First of all, it is essential to understand that all communication is fee-based at MyTranssexualDate. If you are a man, in order to start a conversation with a transsexual lady, you have to purchase a premium membership. It provides you with great opportunities and contains numerous features. All ladies at the website are friendly, communicative, and easy to start a conversation with.

The main form of communication at this online dating platform is chat rooms. To start messaging with a transsexual woman, you have to choose her profile, click on it, and then find the button “Message”. If you have a premium membership, you will start a conversation with your date. However, if you are not a premium member, you will be offered an upgrade.


My Transsexual Date Profiles

MyTranssexualDate.com has great profiles – they are brief, informative, and not confusing. The main page of the website has a list of featured profiles of the day. Here, you can see the most popular profiles. However, it is important to note that profiles at the main page are poorly designed. The photos are quite small, there is no other information about the woman except for the number of photos she has. It is quite impossible to understand who the girl is without opening her profile.

At the top part of the main page, you can find a button “Online”, where you can browse through all ladies who are currently online. Here, one can find more information about the girl. Every profile has a better photo and includes information about name, age, sexual orientation, country, and relationship status.

Nevertheless, the website also offers a lot of useful information on the profile page. When you click on a profile of a lady that you like, her personal page will be quite informative. There, you can see a short description of the lady that can include her interests and goals. There is also an extended section called “About” where you can find nearly everything you need to know about the date. Learn about her appearance, occupation, education, ethnicity, habits, sexual role, eating habits, body type, and other useful information.

Lastly, the profile page contains photos of a lady. These photos are given to you for free, so you can browse them and check out how beautiful your potential date is.



MyTranssexualDate has a useful searching system that allows people to find matching partners faster and more effective. The searching system is divided into two parts. The first part represents the common search, where one could look for a woman based on her country, whether she is online, and whether she has photos. However, MyTranssexualDate.com offers you a more advanced search. It contains numerous filters that can be included to narrow down the search.

These filters include:

  • age
  • height
  • smoking habits
  • sexual role
  • religion
  • relationships status
  • education level
  • ethnicity
  • goals in relationships
  • drinking and eating habits
  • and many more.

So, you can understand that there are many things that can help you find the woman of your dreams!

What our members say

“I have been dreaming of dating a transsexual woman for many years. All online dating sites that I was able to find were poorly designed and did not help me. Then, I found MyTranssexualDate.com. This website has changed my life. Right now, I am in healthy relationships with my girlfriend. She is from Bali. I met her at MyTranssexualDate. We chatted for a while, and then I decided to offer her to meet in real life. Our first date was unforgettable. I have found my true love and happiness. Without MyTranssexualDate, I would not be able to find her, which is why I will be eternally grateful for MyTranssexualDate. This is a unique website with great features, the wide diversity of transsexual women from all over the world, and affordable prices.”

- Garrett, 32

MyTranssexualDate Cost and Prices

As it has been mentioned above, there are free users and users with premium access. While free users cannot communicate with other members, they still have some options.

Free services
  • Create and fill out a profile
  • Upload up to 16 photos
  • Browse profiles of all members of the website and view their photos
  • Search for other members
  • Use extended filtering system
  • Profile can be viewed by other members
Fee based services
  • Send and receive messages
  • Your profile can become featured
  • Upload as many photos as you want

While communication is fee-based, one can understand that MyTranssexualDate allows people to check out the quality of the website. You do not have to pay anything to look through hundreds of transsexual women, view their photos, learn about their preferences, and figure out whether the website is good for you. However, if you want to have conversations with these ladies, you have to purchase a premium membership.

It is also paramount to mention that using MyTranssexualDate is free for female members. If you are a transsexual woman who wants to find a man of her dreams, you can use MyTranssexualDate.com without paying a single dollar. All features are free – communication, photo upload, and others.

Considering the lack of sites with transsexual women, one may agree that MyTranssexualDate is more than affordable. While the price for one month is quite high - $29.90, if you buy a premium membership for one year, you can save up to $230! Below, you will find the full list of prices at MyTranssexualDate.com

1 Month
$29.90 per month
3 Months
$22.90 per month
6 Months
$16.90 per month
1 Year
$10.90 per month

So, as you can see, if you buy a year of premium membership, one month will cost you only $11. Considering the fact that every single month, the customer base of the MyTranssexualDate increases exponentially, these prices are quite affordable.

Chris Goode
Chris Goode
Contributing editor

Therefore, MyTranssexualDate is a good website for a special target audience. The website allows transsexual women to find good and reliable men, while also offers single men opportunities to meet and date gorgeous and single transsexual ladies. This website is simple, yet it does what it should – it unites people from all over the world. An extensive database with transsexual girls allows hundreds of single men to find their true love.

Although there are not too many services available at MyTranssexualDate.com, one can agree that they are of high quality. To start communicating with a lady, you have to purchase a premium membership. Nevertheless, the prices are quite affordable, especially if you buy a one-year package.

Searching and matchmaking algorithms are advanced and efficient. You can narrow down your search and look for a particular type of transsexual woman. To start using MyTranssexualDate, you do not have to spend a lot of time or money. The registration is free and quick – it can take a few minutes of your time. You can also create a profile with your Facebook account, which implies that the website is quite protected and secure.

So, if you are a single man and want to meet and date a transsexual woman, this is the perfect website. If you are a transsexual woman who is seeking a strong and confident man, here you can find one. Moreover, all features are free for female users!

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Contact Information

Address: Building Bridges Limited, 22/F, 3 Lockhart Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
E-Mail: support@mytranssexualdate.com
Phone-Hotline: +852 5808 1781

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