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TransgenderDate.com is a website with years of experience. This online dating platform is one of the most popular dating websites for LGBTQ+ individuals.
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Apart from that, it also allows straight people find individuals with any sexuality, gender, or preferences, which makes this site a perfect place to find relationships and create strong and happy connections.

While the majority of dating websites focuses on a particular group of people, Transgender Date is a website that allows people of any genders and sexualities to enjoy high-quality services of online dating. The very idea behind this site is the concept of inclusion – something that is so often misrepresented in society.

TransgenderDate.com is one of the most popular websites within the transgender community. Every single month, the website is viewed more than 7 million times. There are over 110,000 registered and active users, and every single month, the amount is increasing.

Transgender Date com allows people from all over the world to quickly and efficiently communicate with individuals they are looking for. Excellent quality of service, efficient communication tools, simple design, and intuitive registration, and many other advantages will help you find and date a perfect person for you. TransgenderDate review can show you all the benefits of the platform. E.g., this site can help you find a partner, a friend, or even simply help you to enjoy your time in the helpful, responsive, and active trans community.

The good:
  1. Unique additional services
  2. Members from all over the world
  3. Low prices
  4. Free and quick sign up
The bad:
  1. No mobile app


TransgenderDate sign up

Free and quick registration

One of the advantages of TransgenderDate.com is the fact that it is exceptionally simple to create a profile. The whole process can take up to several minutes. You do not have to verify your account, which means that you do not have to wait to activate your profile and start using all the services.

To find you the most suitable matches, during your registration, you will be asked to enter your gender and whom you are looking for. Of course, you also will need to enter your username, email, password, and zip code. After following all these steps, your profile will be created, and you will be able to enjoy the world of trans online dating!


Although to create a profile there is no need to be verified, to use services at Transgender Date it is advisable to complete verification. The purpose of verification is to maintain high levels of security and protect other users from interacting with fraudulent accounts. The process of verification is relatively simple. After creating a profile, every user is given a unique code. A user has to take a photo with a piece of paper with this code. This photo will not be public. After the verification process is complete, the account of the user will be verified.

Making contact


Communication at TransgenderDate.com

The very essence of online dating is communication. Without communication, it is almost impossible to find a date. Communication at TransgenderDate is highly efficient. The first thing that you have to learn about communication at this website is the fact that it is free for verified users. Therefore, verifying one’s account is an important and necessary procedure. All verified customers can communicate with other users for free! Below, you can see the diversity of communication tools:

  • Chat rooms. One of the unique features of Transgender Date is the availability of chat rooms. You can join them and communicate with hundreds of other users. A user can create a chat room in order to invite other members. It is a very useful and efficient way to get started. A person can communicate with dozens of individuals and get to know these people better. Then, one could easily switch to a more personalized form of communication like instant messaging or emailing.
  • Instant messaging. Users of TransgenderDate.com can have conversations with each other in private. Instant messaging is useful for people who want to communicate with only one person at the time. It is a very simple and useful form of communication. To start a chat with a user, just click on the profile and look for “Instant Message” button . If you are a verified user, you will be able to send messages to your date. It is that simple!
  • Blogs and forums. This is another form of communication available at TransgenderDate. Here, you can join threads of discussions or simply read other people’s ideas and thoughts in the form of a blog. It is a very interesting and unique way to learn more about the world of trans online dating or simply get to know the members of the community. A lot of users enjoy this feature because it is quite unique and no other online dating website for trans people have it. Another advantage of blogs is that you can write one. If you want to discuss something – write a blog or comments under other member’s blogs. It is a perfect way to interact and share experiences with other people.



The quality of profiles at TransgenderDate.com is decent. As has been mentioned above, creating a profile is quite simple. However, remember that to enjoy the functionality of the website, you have to verify your account. Still, Transgender Date has numerous features that are unique and never-to-be-seen at other online dating websites. You can include as much personal information as you want, which can increase your chances of finding the right person for you!

One of the cool things about profiles at TransgenderDate is the fact that you can add music to your profile for other people to listen making it more descriptive and personal. It is highly advisable to make your profile as detailed as possible, so do not be shy and write down as much as possible.

Since completing a profile is not mandatory, you may find some accounts with not enough information. Although it is not very convenient, some people may not be comfortable with sharing their personal information online.



Searching and matchmaking systems at TransgenderDate are of great quality. There are many filters that can be tweaked, added, and embedded. You can look for a particular type of a person, indicating his or her sexuality, religion, educational background, appearance, and dozens of other factors about your potential date. This is a very useful feature that can help you save a lot of time.

However, if you are not seeking someone, in particular, you can simply browse all the profiles and look for people who catch your eye. Both strategies are equally useful, efficient, and working. Everything depends on you and your needs!

Mobile App


If you want to find a mobile application for using TransgenderDate you will not find it. However, do not feel discouraged as all features available on a desktop version of the website can be accessed through a mobile browser. The mobile version is well optimized and can allow you to stay in touch with your dates whenever you want and wherever you are!

What our members say

“When I saw that TransgenderDate was a free website with hundreds of people who want to communicate and enjoy their time, I decided to check it out. And I was not disappointed. This is a wonderful platform with the exceptional community. I have never seen so many people from different countries. People of different sexualities, genders, sexual preferences, and philosophies can be found here. I have come here to find love and happiness, and I have achieved it. But also, I have made many new friends. I was quite a shy person, but I started my own blog, which helped me feel more confident. I do not know another website with so many wonderful people to date. This is truly the greatest online dating website with trans people!”

- Max, 42

TransgenderDate Cost and Prices

1 Week
$19.80 per month
1 Month
$14.95 per month
1 Year
$6.66 per month

Additional services

TransgenderDate dating service

  • Blogs As it has been mentioned above, this is a unique feature that only a few other online dating websites have implemented. Write about your life, share your experiences, comment on other blogs, and interact with other writers! TransgenderDate is not only about finding a partner but also about communication.
  • Friends list Add other users to your friend's list to stay in touch. This is a free feature.

Dani Gartenberg
Dani Gartenberg

Therefore, as one can see, Transgender Date is a wonderful website that combines great dating services with numerous other unique features. The quality of the website is exceptional. One of the biggest advantages of the website is the fact that it is free – you do not have to pay for anything if your account is verified.

To start using TransgenderDate.com, you merely have to create your profile, which will take a few minutes of your time. The website offers a lot of features that include creating your own blog, participating in forum discussions, and of course, finding and communicating with hundreds of users.

So, if you want to find the most efficient and successful dating website with trans people, check out Transgender Date. It will help you find true love, eternal happiness, and thoughtful and respectful community of friends!

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Contact Information

Company: Oneandone Private Registration
E-Mail: info@transgenderdate.com

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