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Tired of wasting your time on useless and ineffective dating sites? Do you want to find a perfect woman that would cherish your relationships? Love Swans can help you make your dream come true! Thousands of pretty and cute Ukrainian and Russian mail order wives are waiting for you!

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Last modified: 2020-01-17

There are many online dating websites that offer you good quality of services. And there are only a few proper dating sites that can provide you with excellent quality and exceptional diversity of features. LoveSwans.com is one of such platforms. The vast diversity of services that any guy who is looking for a mail order bride would want – affordable prices, simplistic interface, common interactive tools, and a huge number of gorgeous and young girls for marriage from Russia and Ukraine.

Meeting mail order brides have never been so easy and quick – you can find and start chatting with a Russian or Ukrainian mail order wife within a couple of hours. Furthermore, it is vital to say that Love Swans is a dating site with a bunch of benefits starting with free registration and ending with cool communication features.

The good:
  1. Improving security systems
  2. Pretty and intelligent women from Ukraine and Russia
  3. Great opportunities to find a lovely and kind mail order bride
The bad:
  1. Plenty of paid features

Sign up

Loveswans registration
The good:
  1. You can create an account for free
  2. Registration is fast and easy
  3. You are able to fill out your profile during the sign up
The bad:
  1. There are many questions to be answered

Registration on LoveSwans dating site is pretty self-explanatory. In order to make yourself a profile, you need to complete a registration form with basic information: name, email, age, location, and password. After that, you can choose to finish a small survey that allows you to define your needs and requirements, as well as help the system understand what type of girls for marriage you are looking for. You can choose not to answer the questions and do it later.


Loveswans usability
The good:
  1. The site’s interface is minimalistic and stylish
The bad:
  1. It may seem too minimalistic for some people

Although at first, some members would find design of LoveSwans dating website pretty boring, one can agree that design per se is not the most important thing. You are not confused by the excess of the information on the main page – your attention is center around the list of mail order brides who are currently active. The color scheme on the site is plain and looks extremely well. Thus, to conclude, the design on LoveSwans.com is excellent.


Loveswans contact
The good:
  1. Wide diversity of communicational features
The bad:
  1. You need to buy credits to chat with mail order wives

Interaction is the essence of online dating. LoveSwans dating site has a pretty decent number of efficient and easy-to-use features for you to communicate with gorgeous mail order brides from Ukraine and Russia. You will have to buy credits, select a date you want to chat with, and press the button.

As it has been mentioned, you have an opportunity to join two-way video and audio communication with your potential mail order bride. To do so, you need to have credits on your balance, which will be spent for every several minutes on video communication.

Profile quality

Profiles quality loveswans
The good:
  1. You may learn a lot about your potential date by reading her profile
  2. Profiles contain personal and general information about the owner
  3. You can interact with a woman through her profile
The bad:
  1. Some mail order wives may choose not to include too much personal info
  2. Some girls for marriage can have only a few public photos

Profiles contain a lot of data that can be used to have a wonderful date. For example, you can learn about your bride’s age, marital status, religion, level of education, habits, age, and personal description by checking out her profile. It is worth stating that browsing profiles and reading all the above-mentioned information are free for all members! Moreover, you have access to all public photos that your potential date uploaded. Private photos require to start a chat with your mail order wife. After she answers you, you will be able to see her private photos.


Love swans mobile
The good:
  1. You can get access to the website through your phone
The bad:
  1. LoveSwans.com does not have its own mobile app

One of the drawbacks of Love Swans is the fact that it does not have a mobile app. Of course, one can use the phone’s browser to chat with dates, but it is not as convenient as through a mobile app. Still, if you need to stay in touch with your date, you can do it.


Special features loveswans
The good:
  1. Advanced search
The bad:
  1. Some features are paid

Private pictures and videos

You can get access to private photos of your mail order bride after you chat with her. The moment she answers your message, you can see her private photos.

Gifts and flower delivery

If you are a romantic type of guy, you can surprise your girls for marriage by sending them real or digital gifts.

LoveSwans.com costs and prices

Free services
  • Create a profile
  • Find out facts about mail order brides by browsing their profiles
  • Receive and read letters from female members
Fee based services
  • Send messages, emails, and gifts
  • Get access to private photos through chatting with ladies
  • Purchase credits

As you may see, there are a few things that are available for you as a free member. You can get to know the site better without paying anything. Of course, in case you enjoy loveswans.com and decide to become a full-time member here, you will need to spend some money. But rest assured that every dollar spent will be worth it!

Is LoveSwans dating website expensive or cheap?

One can say that it is an averagely priced dating site. There are platforms with worth quality and higher prices.

Payment options

  • Credit Card

Payment discretion

  • This site implements 128-bit SSL encryption for the security of the data exchange between browser and the site. The site is also verified by McAfee Secure, Norton, MasterCard Secure Code, and other world-known security systems.

Further costs

For guys who want to try out premium features, LoveSwans dating website grants you an opportunity to buy 20 credits for only $9.99! Below, you can take a look at other packages with credits:

20 Credits
$0.15 per credit
50 Credits
$0.39 per credit
125 Credits
$0.36 per credit
250 Credits
$0.28 per credit
750 Credits
$0.20 per credit

Contact Information

Company: Loveswans
E-Mail: support@loveswans.com


Is loveswans.com free?

No, Love Swans is a dating platform that requires paying. Undoubtedly, some content is available for free members. For example, you will not be charged for creating a profile. You can fill it out and even receive messages from other members. Moreover, you can look at other members’ profiles and read their descriptions. But anything else would require money.

What should I do to create a profile on LoveSwans dating website?

The process of registration on LoveSwans.com is incredibly simple. First, you need to go to loveswans.com and fill out the registration form. You will be asked the basic information that includes your name, email, age, and location. You will also have to come up with a strong password. We recommend using a completely new password for security reasons. After filling out all the fields, you will be introduced to the site’s questionnaire. Although you can skip it, we would not advise you to do that. It will take only a couple of minutes to answer all the questions, but it would be useful for the system and to your profile.

I don’t understand how credits work on LoveSwans dating site

Paid features on Love Swans to require credits. These are coins that one can buy for real money. By chatting with girls for marriages, you spend credits. By purchasing and sending virtual or real flowers, you spend credits. Basically, all fee-based features require credits. It is important to state that credits do not have monetary value and cannot be exchanged for real money.

How safe is loveswans.com?

The fact that this site is verified by Visa, MasterCard, Norton, McAfee, and other world-known organizations is a decent indication that you can trust Love Swans. Furthermore, all payments made on this website are secured with various encryption systems.

It is possible to delete account on LoveSwans dating website?

If for some reason you are willing to stop using LoveSwans.com, you can do it in several steps. First, find your Profile Settings – locate an icon in the top right corner. In the profile settings, you can find button ‘Deactivate Profiles’. By pressing it, you will need to enter your password. Please note that you can make your profile active again whenever you want. You can also deactivate notifications for a certain period of time while maintaining your account active.

What is the number of active users on LoveSwans dating site?

There are approximately 10-15 thousands of female members on the site. Every single month, new mail order brides sign up on the site to find a caring and responsible man.

Can I use Love Swans in incognito mode?

Unfortunately, the site has not incognito mode at the moment. However, as it has been mentioned, you can turn off the notifications, but other members would still see you visiting their profiles.

What to do to make sure that a person I talk to is real?

Apart from the fact that every single female profile gets verified and approved, we can advise you to do the following actions. Firstly, ask your date to send you a photo right now. You can also ask your date to have a video chat session. Lastly, try asking for some personal and non-generic questions. A bot would not be able to give you a sophisticated and profound answer.

Can I send messages for free?

Unfortunately, all communication on LoveSwans dating website is paid-based. To fully enjoy your time, make sure that you always have some credits on your account to interact with your mail order wives!

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Comments (28)
posted 21 Jan, 2018

Well, I have to admit that I had two attempts to find my soulmate on Loveswans. First, I dated a woman for nine months, but we just didn't see us together in future. It was a failed attempt that luckily didn't lead to marriage. Then I went back to this site. Met my wife there and now we have a beautiful 2-year old baby girl. We are a happy family.

posted 28 Jan, 2018

I met a stunning, fit, intelligent lady who was smart and positive about our relationship. After meeting, we had a wonderful and unforgettable two years together. Again, LoveSwans has given me a chance to interact with wonderful women who all were true reflections of their profiles. 

posted 11 Feb, 2018

About two years ago I was in the process of getting divorced and I was not going to be into a relationship anytime soon. But little did I know, my close friend advised signing in to LoveSwans and I started to look at women’s profiles and even chatting with them. And here I am 2 years later with the best woman I could've asked for. Fairytale does happen if you give yourself a chance to let it happen!

posted 18 Feb, 2018

I think such services are precious to a lot of people. It is so difficult to meet someone these days who shares the same interests as you. Love Swans helps to narrow it down and increase your chances to meet someone special.

posted 11 Mar, 2018

I am absolutely in love with my wife, who I met April 2016. After talking for two weeks we met, moved in about a month later and started a family shortly after. We are expecting our first child together and have been married for almost 1 year. I am so happy with LoveSwans

posted 04 Mar, 2018

Loveswans was easy to join and the cost kept the people who were not serious out. Great way to meet a lot of women

posted 25 Mar, 2018

I have been using dating-platforms for a while, but none of them seemed to fulfill my needs. That was until I came across LoveSwans. It focuses on international relationships, mostly for men to meet women from Slavic countries. I must say that girls are astonishing here. And it is so comfortable and convenient to communicate with them. It is my number one service for online-dating now.


posted 15 Apr, 2018

Even though I am an American, my parent came from Ukraine, and it was always my dream to marry “Ukrainian beauty.” It is real! LoveSwans was an inspiration to me as it hosts so many pretty women. It has useful searching tools that helped me find my love very quickly. Now I am in a relationship and halfway there to make my dream come true.

posted 02 May, 2018

Unfortunately, a lot of Ukrainian and Russian dating websites appear to be scammers, so I was a little bit afraid to look for a girl from these countries because I didn’t want to be deceived. However, LoveSwans is nothing like most services. It cares about its reputation and offers only real accounts. I am really enjoying communication with a few ladies for now.

posted 20 May, 2018

I really enjoy the fact that on Love Swans you can search girls based on their habits. I personally cannot stand ladies who smoke. How can you smoke people at all!? I cannot imagine kissing a person with unattractive odor. So thank you Love Swans for such an option in the search! I really appreciate it!

posted 27 May, 2018

I prefer this one to Victoria Dates. On Victoria dates there are girls from almost all post-USSR countries, and I’m not actually interested in most of them. I’m curious about Russian and Ukrainian girls only as they are the most beautiful girls on earth!

posted 10 Jun, 2018

Don’t you find it, guys, a little bit pricey? No, I’m not greedy, I’m ready to pay anything to find a woman of my dreams, especially from Eastern Europe, but come on. $15 for 20 credits, Love Swans, I didn’t expect it from you!

posted 25 May, 2018

Someone here complained about high prices… Well, dude, go and look for other sites outside MOB, you’ll be shocked!!! The prices are even higher, and I can’t say the services are better! I was once on one site (don’t want to mention that crap here), so I had to pay $50 for 25 credits, and the results were 0! So just be humble and calculate your money for a real-time date, I bet you will have to spend more than $15 *giggling* Go Love Swans!

posted 08 Jul, 2018

Cool site. I like it. It was a good idea to attach the site’s screenshots in the Love Swans review. When I registered, I saw the same thing, so good job, guys! At least, I don’t feel like I’m paying for something I don’t know.

posted 12 Aug, 2018

The credit system that LoveSwans has is just the best – I’m so happy I can see what I’m paying for. Wish other sites had the same one!

posted 29 Jul, 2018

Hey there! I’m dating my beautiful Christina from the Ukrainian city of Zaporozhe, and that’s thanks to LoveSwans. I always knew I would date a girl from a Slavic country, I, myself have Slavic roots. But I live a very hectic life, and I didn’t have enough time not only to visit Ukraine but even to call a local girl on a date. I started googling and found LoveSwans. It took me a few weeks to make a decision and register on it, but now I’m regretting I wasn’t more determined – I could have encountered my Chrystia a long time ago!

posted 26 Aug, 2018

LoveSwans is definitely not the best site for dating girls from post-USSR countries… Just look at VictoriaDates – that’s the cool site. However, if you are a newbie in online dating I’d advise you to start from LoveSwans – it’s very easy for “green” users, though kind of boring for “professionals.”

posted 09 Sep, 2018

Wow, I never knew people would say such warm things about LoveSwans! To me, it was just an average site with standard features. However, I would note one thing: it has an option of reserving calls which I think is just the best. Living in the U.S. and trying to contact a girl from Russia isn’t an easy task because of the different time zones where we live in. So, yeah, I’d rather suggest you register on it.

posted 30 Sep, 2018

Not a fan of LoveSwans, but it is a good site, that’s all I can say.

posted 28 Oct, 2018

My friend advised me to use LoveSwans as he says it’s the best platform for dating Slavic girls. And he was right. Here you will get everything you ever dreamt of.

posted 11 Nov, 2018

It’s amazing and even unbelievable to some extent that such services as LoveSwans exist. Here you get matched with so many attractive women that it is even indescribable.

posted 25 Nov, 2018

The best thing about LoveSwans is the communication part. You get so many fun features that fully uncover for you your partner. You can understand if you are suitable for each other or not from the first text.

posted 09 Dec, 2018

It was always a problem for me to flirt, but then I came across LoveSwans and there I met Nastia, with whom we are dating for almost a year now. If this is not a miracle, I don’t know what it is then.

posted 07 Jan, 2019

LoveSwans complete one important mission - they match perfect people, who could have never met due to different countries, time zones and etc. But nevertheless, you find love here.

posted 21 Jan, 2019

What is worth your time online if not love? LoveSwans has it all to satisfy your needs and make you the happiest person on Earth.

posted 13 Mar, 2019

LoveSwans is a paid portal. You need a premium account to interact with other users and also to go through the complete profile of the other users. There is literally nothing you can do with a free account which brings disappointment!

posted 07 Apr, 2019

I chose LoveSwans because of the reviews first. And it was a good decision. LoveSwans is the platform that returns you back to life, no matter how picky you are.

posted 09 Nov, 2019

The customer care service at LoveSwans is not steady. You can’t access the customer service 24/7 if you are not a Premium subscriber which makes you feel unwelcomed. Without a premium subscription, LoveSwans don’t want to address your problems at all. Not recommended!

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