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Design and usability:
Making contact:
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Last modified: 2022-12-19

A lot of men all over the world search for their love online. Some of them know how online dating works, but the majority need guidance in choosing a dating platform. Here, you’ll find out everything about the Orchid Romance website. How to join this site? Is OrchidRomance legit? These and other questions are answered below.

The good:
  1. Free sign-up;
  2. 20 free credits upon registration;
  3. Convenient user interface;
  4. Free “Wink” feature;
  5. Detailed women’s profiles.
The bad:
  1. Prepaid communication tools (Live chat and mails);
  2. No OrchidRomance dating app;
  3. Private visual content restricted to free users.


orchidromance registration
The good:
  1. The process is fast;
  2. ID isn’t needed for sign-up.
The bad:
  1. Email address verification is obligatory.

To become a member of the Orchid Romance dating site, every website guest has to fill out a short registration form. It doesn’t require you to provide any sensitive information about yourself, e.g. your race, sexual orientation, etc. Just your name, email address, birth date, and gender are needed. To complete the form, create a password and click the ‘Register’ button.

The next step will be answering a few questions about yourself and your goals on Orchid Romance. This is to make your profile complete and interesting to other platform members. For the same reason, you’ll be offered to upload a picture of yourself. All these questions can be skipped during the sign-up process and done later.

The last step to take is verifying your email address via the link in a respective email from OrchidRomance dating app. It won’t take longer than two minutes to do it.

Design and usability

orchidromance design
The good:
  1. The website is designed up to the latest trends;
  2. Everything functions smoothly and if bugs appear, they are resolved timely.
The bad:
  1. The user interface lacks FAQ and Help buttons in a visible place on the screen.

As for the Orchid Romance website arrangement, all information provided on its pages is laconic and up to the point. The homepage, as well as an interface of a new member, is understandable even for a child. You can navigate your profile from the icon at the top right corner of the screen. The communication tools are available at the top center panel. Below, you view the profiles of Asian women online, offline, streamers, etc.

The Orchid Romance dating site design is modest yet stylish, so you won’t be annoyed by unmatching colors or freaky banners. The white font with orange buttons creates a positive attitude towards the platform and encourages new users to explore the site.

Making contact

The good:
  1. You can get in touch with any user right from their account’s preview;
  2. Free tools are available to get started.
The bad:
  1. You need to purchase credits to have a conversation via chat or mail tool.

If you've read a few Orchid Romance reviews already, you should have noticed that contacting other users wasn’t complicated at all: all profiles’ previews that you see on your screen contain the orange button for quick messaging. It can either be in chat or via mail depending on the status of the profile (offline or online).

All your existing conversations are stored in chat that you open by clicking the “Messages” button at the top center of the screen. On the left, you’ll see dialogues with all users you’ve contacted, and the chat window with your last companion at the center. The “Mails” button will take you to the mailing tool that looks very similar to chat.

Besides regular messages in Live chat on OrchidRomance dating app, you might send “winks” that demonstrate your admiration of a certain woman. They're free of charge and can be sent unlimited times to as many users as you wish. However, you shouldn’t rely on them too much since some women may ignore them.


orchidromance profile
The good:
  1. A lot of useful information about OrchidRomance members is stated in their profiles.
  2. Public pictures allow you to make sure that the profiles are real.
The bad:
  1. Private visual content is available for credits only.

As you proceed to look through women’s profiles on the Orchid Romance website, their quality will definitely grab your attention. Each page of a young Asian lady contains her pictures from different places, a short bio where she greets Orchid Romance members, and information about her age, marital status, job, hobbies, features, etc. If you're attentive enough, you can use this information to find topics for conversation with any girl on this platform easily.

When you start to interact with profiles on the Orchid Romance dating site, you see how meaningful the messages from women are. They’re not writing just “Hello, how are you?” but send you questions that show their desire to get to know you better.

Finally, all women on this site post private photos and videos but they’re not visible to users without credits on their balance. Although you get 20 free credits upon your sign-up, spending them on photos isn’t the best thing you can do: better use them to meet beautiful Asian women and text them a few mails or messages.


Orchidromance support
The good:
  1. Detailed guides on technical, financial, and communication issues are provided.
  2. Sending your thoughts and complaints is possible via a feedback form.
The bad:
  1. No live chat or phone support is available.

Despite Orchid Romance reviews stating that the website is intuitively easy to use, you may have some questions to ask or disputes to resolve.

You can address them to the Help Center which is under the “FAQ” tab. Typing the main words of your request in the search field will give you links to all guides and articles where they were mentioned. In case you can’t find a suitable answer, search in the respective group of articles below the search field.

If you have any suggestions regarding the OrchidRomance functioning or have troubles, you can describe them in the form of a message. Click the “Submit a request” button, enter your email address, and describe the problem that you need to solve. You’ll get a reply to your OrchidRomance review in an email shortly.

OrchidRomance Cost and Prices

Free services
  • Registration on the platform;
  • Uploading pictures and updating your status;
  • Browsing profiles and public photos;
  • Sending “winks”;
  • Opening mails and messages;
  • Watching public streams.
Fee based services
  • Sending messages and mails;
  • Opening photos and videos in mails;
  • Opening private photos in profiles;
  • Watching video presentations;
  • Donating in streams;
  • Sending gifts.

Once you start an account on the site, you’ll be given OrchidRomance free 20 credits to get an understanding of how the platform works and what it offers.

Each communication tool costs some number of credits, for example:

  1. 2 credits per minute in Live chat;
  2. 5 credits for stickers in Live chat;
  3. 10 credits for sending a photo in chat;
  4. 10 credits for the first mail to a user, and 30 credits for each following mail, etc.

As you have guessed, credits are the Orchid Romance’s currency that gives you access to its features. Below, there are prices for credit packages that you can buy:

20 credits
50 credits
125 credits
250 credits
750 credits

Besides this, your first purchase of 20 credits is available for just $2.99.

Chris Goode
Chris Goode
Contributing editor

If you ask whether is OrchidRomance a real deal, I’d say yes, it is. OrchidRomance is a great option for those who want to get acquainted and communicate with Asian women and enjoy different ways of making contact: longer mails, short instant chat messages, and live streams. Sending gifts is another useful feature for guys who want to make their women smile.

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Is Orchid Romance a good dating site?

Yes, it is. The Orchid Romance website has everything a man may need to meet an attractive woman from Asia: a fast-working platform, various communication tools, and dozens of Asian girls’ profiles. It also has reasonable prices for messages and mails and no membership fee to pay every month.

Are there features on OrchidRomance that I can use for free?

Yes, basic features on the OrchidRomance dating app are available for free. They include creating an account, searching and filtering profiles, sending signs of admiration via Live chat, and viewing public photos. The key communication tools can be used for free until you spend 20 credits given after the registration.

How can I see those who visited my account?

No, you can’t guess who visited your account unless they interacted with it in any way: sent you a mail, started a chat with you, or “winked” at you.

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